About Us

The D-CAT Group was founded in Istanbul in 2006 with the purpose of serving in the fields of informatics and technology with the maxim “innovation keeping standards”. By using its own equity capital and cooperating with business partners, the company follows the latest state of the art technology in its research and development activities. With its unique projects, the company adds value to Turkey’s as well as the world’s business eco system. Companies of the D-CAT Group, each expert in their own field, continuously aim for perfection, innovation and keeping up with world standards as well as principles of unity and balance in their various business projects. 
The D-CAT Group has set out to bring innovation to the world of technology with their new companies and the solutions they offer.

Vision Statement

Besides being the group that offers the most innovative and efficient solutions and products for individuals and organizations in Turkey and the world, (Mass Services Perfection) the group also targets to be the most contributing technology supplier that answers clearly and positively to the ROI calculations of the organizations that acquire D-CAT services. (Enterprise Services Perfection)